– Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

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I have a dream where I am in a large group and we are all given a small golden key, and a map of the door our key opens. We excitedly head off in various directions. I open the door and head into a long white corridor. There are people walking up and down the corridor, but soon I am on my own.

Suddenly a white partition slides down from the ceiling to the floor behind me and the light brightens. I run my hand along the left wall and walk 10m straight into an identical partition. After a few frantic minutes my hand fortunately touches a white panel on the wall. The partition opens and I walk through.

Within 5m the process is repeated. Soon there is only 1m between me and the partition in front of and behind me and the light is blinding.

When this door opens, I am in a large hall, where a red floor slopes gently upwards. People are sliding down the floor towards me. I make my way slowly up the hall, and the people disappear. The floor is so polished it is difficult not to slide backwards. I pass the skeletal remains of human bodies lying on the floor. The end of the hall is in sight, and the floor levels off into panelled wood. I now have a choice of doors. There are people milling about with maps of the maze, discussing which way they should go, and which ways they have tried, only to end up back here.

I follow a couple who seem to have it sorted, and enter through one of the doors to discover that I am in a maze. I place my hand on the left wall, and wherever it turns I go. The light in the maze dims as I progress, and by the end I am in complete darkness. It is hard to know exactly where the exit is and I have to resist the temptation to keep walking.
I stop, being careful to keep facing the same way and wait. I run my hands systematically over the entire wall, from bottom to top. After what seems like an eternity, but is probably only about 10 minutes, I find what I was expecting – a small key hole. My golden key got me into this maze, and I am sure it will get me out of it. I carefully slip my key into the key hole and the black partition slides noiselessly up. I am out the other side. There are no damaged streets, or orange cones, or partly demolished buildings, just people going about their daily lives.

A friend waves to me “Where have you been – haven’t seen you for ages!”
“I’ve just been in a maze” I said, pointing to the exit door near the basement of a large department store.
“Sounds like fun” he laughs, obviously thinking that I have got caught up in the shopping sales.
“It’s good to be out of it” I said.

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