– Locksley Ave Dallington

My experience of using a toilet after the earthquake when we had no power and no water. Portable toilets were placed on our street.


Not long ago the talking point when people got togther,
Was all about the temperature and all about the weather.
But subjects now are limited, in fact we don’t have many,
The only one for most of us, is where to spend a penny.

We’ve got the water on at last but we are not amused,
They tell us we will have to wait, the toilets can’t be used.
Without a proper toilet how on earth will we survive,
We can’t keep watching toilet paper floating down the drive!

But all’s not lost, help is at hand, we even get to choose,
From quite a good variety of different types of loos.
A Portaloo is down the road and I don’t mind the walking
And with the people going by, I listen to them talking.

Then when a truck stops very close, I start to get upset,
I don’t know what it’s going to do and I’m not finished yet!
The driver gets me worried, even though he doesn’t mean it,
I get outside immediately, in case he’s come to clean it.

The bucket with the plastic bag is simple in design,
The bag goes in the red lid bin, then everything is fine.
At night if I have need to go and I can’t wait till morn,
I go out in pyjamas and I do it on the lawn.

Some may prefer the long drop, underneath a makeshift tent,
But when the hole is very deep, you wonder where it went.
But best of all I like the ones with chemicals inside
When sitting on these high tech ones I feel a sense of pride.

I love to see those chemicals all coloured pink and green,
To kill off all those nasty germs and keep it nice and clean.
Then when it’s full the time has come to stop an overload,
I pull the handle, lift the case and take it down the road.

I see neighbours with their cases, walking down the street,
All heading for the tank and it’s a lovely way to meet.
It should be emptied carefully and even with perfection,
In case the wind is blowing strong and straight in your direction.

So when you lose your dignity while walking down the street,
Remember that you’re equal now – with everyone you meet!

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