– Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

My Earthquake Story

My sister was walking up to me, shaking the whole room. (BOOM!), I woke up suddenly. I shouted out, “Stop shaking the bed would you?”, to my older sister above me.
In the meantime she was saying ‘It’s not me, it’s you.” Seconds later Mum rushed into our room with an extra worried face and a crying baby in her arms, telling us to get under the door frame. By then I was sitting up thinking
The noise was deafening, as the timber of the walls swayed and cracked. Photo frames could be heard crashing and smashing to the floor.

Curiously my sister and Mum were standing at the doorway, while I completely woke up and realised that what was going on was the first EARTHQUAKE I had ever experienced in my life.

There was a knock on our door almost 30 seconds after the earthquake. We had absolutely no idea who it could be. Mum had a feeling it might already be EQC.
We were all thinking it would be a bit too early for EQC, as we were approaching the door. We opened it and were glad to see who was at the other side, our neighbours Frances and Joshua.

After Frances and Joshua showed up we were all crunched up under blankets, listening to our battery powered radio. As it came closer to dawn, we all went on a walk around our small, old house, to see the damage and cracks in the walls. Smashed glass splattered all over the carpet, water splashed drip by drip onto the floor from the vase of daffodils on the table. All our photo frames were damaged, cracked and lying on the floor. In the end we were lucky that the power had gone out, because the heater was lying flat on the ground with the cord still connected and switched on.

That day we found out the earthquake was a 7.1.

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