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Instructions: Find the missing full stops and capital letters.
Find the paragraph breaks.
Find the spelling mistakes.
Write “were” not “where” in two places. Write “The teacher, a couple of friends and I went into the classroom.
The Earthquake
I was having a normal day at school, We had already had Maths, Reading, Writing and Inquiry. We were in lunch time then the earthquake struck. My friends and I were playing basketball and we didn’t know that the ground was shaking until everyone started to scream.

We stopped playing and ran out to the field like a fire drill. The Principal came out on to the field with a megaphone and filled us in on what just happened and what’s going to happen.

By the time that was finished it was the end of lunch and we needed to do our work so the teacher, a couple of my friends and I went into the classroom and got some pens and paper.

When we were walking down the steps a big aftershock happened and the whole set of concrete steps shook side to side and I had never seen a thing like it. We were amazed by the force of the earthquake how an aftershock can cause such an effect.

We went back to the class and got on with our work and then we got on with the rest of the day then got a ride back to our Great Uncle’s massive old house with my aunty.

I can still remember the massive old brick chimney that had fallen over on Uncle’s house. Aunty then took me and my sister to our house and looked around for any damage. Thank goodness our house was OK.

Archie Thomson
North Canterbury

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