– Crystal Plaza, Gloucester Street, Christchurch.

I was up at work overnight in the Central City, and right across the road from Central Library, and not many bods about.

Although there was the usual amount of traffic going to and fro. When, at 04:35 hours, I felt the Shop ( where I was on the ground floor), begin to shake ominously. I had 2 Male Customers in, and one of them thought that his mate was playing a trick on him.

I spoke loudly at one of the guys that: “It’s an Earthquake!”

He didn’t quite believe me , so I said again: ” What are you doing there? It’s an Earthquake! Get out!!”

I thought that the building was about to fall down, and crush.

By the time they got out, the sheer ferocity was unmistakable, indeed. The MFL House at the corner of Colombo and Gloucester Streets, was swaying to and fro.

The roar sounded similar to a landing of a 747, plus Heavy Goods thundering along rails you can’t see, but is coming straight at you.

The Stop Lights on the Colombo / Gloucester corner shook once, and then shook VIOLENTLY. Generating a yellow light beam onto the Farmers Car Parking Building right across from the Shop.

I was outside the Shop; having braced myself as best as I could. Above my head, was the lighted Sign Box.

I wondered as to HOW LONG this one was going to go for. The 2 Males whom I spoke about earlier, asked me in the blackness, as to where I was. So, I told them that I was putting my hand back to each other, and spreading my hands out in an arc. If they got a slap in the face, this was unintentional. The sole way to find me.

In any case, thanks to them and their kindness to me ( I did treat them really well ), I was able to get back into the Shop. One of them having a Torch, so I could see where I was going to. All stood up well, except for a number of items that fell down, and created a mess.

A pair of Cyclists came by in the darkness. One whom said that this was a 7.4, wore Glasses. Both Bikes had their Light on.

No power to operate Tills. All Pies in Warmer went cold quickly; a fine selection ‘grabbed’ by an early morning rocker.

Aftershocks rocked on all day. And into the night.

The 04 September 2010 Rocker.

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