– Papanui, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

I had been out of work until after the 2010 quake, when I was able to get a job as a brush hand painting damaged houses which I was happy with. I showed up to the address given to me the day before, it was early the sky was grey and it drizzled heavily as I waited in my car for others to show up.

But no one did, I didn’t have any money to call work and not enough petrol to drive over the other side of town to the base and find out what was going on. Minuets turned to hours and I decided that if no one called by 10.00am I was going to take the day and spend it in town.

I’m a musician and I needed to upgrade my vocal fold back equipment so I was going to spend the rest of the day in town going between the Rock shop at the North end of Manchester, and CJs Music at the South end of Colombo researching my options, and any other store that took my interest in between.

At some point before 10am a small truck with a large unsecured fridge standing on the back of it drove past me and took the T intersection to fast, the fridge toppled off and fell to the road with a loud crash. There was no other traffic or pedestrians so no one was hurt but the fridge.
I thought to myself wow that was a bit of excitement I will have to tell my girlfriend about this when I get home…...it was months after Feb 22 that I remembered this had happened.

9.59am And I start my car, I am going over which way is the fastest route to get into town from where I am in Papanui, there is a parking building that I always use when I go to town just down from the Rock Shop on Manchester it was opposite Iconic bar and I was thinking which way to get into town so that I could use it. Then my cell phone goes off.

I think for a second I cant recall about what and I answer the call…...its work, they’ve given me the wrong address. I take down the new address and reluctantly give up my awesome day in town. The rest is history.

For a long time I felt guilt for not being there, I know this isn’t rational and I don’t know how to explain it. This feeling seems to have eased now and the more time passes the happier I am that I wasn’t there, but I will never forget how close I came and how easily this story could have been very different.

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