– Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand

This is a transcript of an interview with Brendan Evans conducted ten days after the 4 September 2010 earthquake.

My name is Brendan Evans, I am 16 and I live in Lyttelton. On the night of the earthquake I was in my room, which is a sleep out.

I sort of lay in bed and waited for the earthquake to pass. I did not feel threatened. For the past week my school had been on camp at Temple Basin, and we just came home on Friday evening, so on Saturday night I was dreaming that I was still up at Temple Basin and that there was an avalanche. When I woke up I was still sort of half asleep and I thought it was an avalanche coming until I fully woke up and realised there was actually an earthquake and I just lay there and waited for it to pass. Then my Mum came bursting into my room after the earthquake and just to see whether I was OK and then I got up for a while and found a torch and listened to the radio for a bit but then I went back to bed about 5 o’clock. And slept through till 10 or 11.

We started school on Monday after a week of holidays, we had a week off because of the earthquake and the aftershocks.

I don’t mind the aftershocks, it’s quite fun actually, it’s quite exciting sitting down and you feel a rumble and then the house starts to shake a bit, but I am so used to it now.

It is exciting because it is not every day that we feel earthquakes. But last week was not really different, I had holidays, went to see my friends, hung out in Lyttelton and went to parties and stuff.

I feel exactly the same now, then I felt before the earthquake. I don’t think many young people were scared or felt any threat throughout the whole thing, I think it was mainly adults. Maybe because adults are parents and they worry about their kids and the house and stuff getting broken whereas for us it’s just the same thing really, just except the earth was shaking for a while.

This transcript is from one of a series of interviews carried out by Bettina Evans of Project Lyttelton. We are very grateful to Bettina and the interviewees for allowing their interview transcripts to be posted on QuakeStories.

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