– Woolston, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

Ever since the September quake I have never been the same, being a wake at night and sleeping in the day, every wee shake was nerve wrecking but I just started getting use to it.

My mother left for America for 29 days and left two days before that day, I was home alone but my grandmother was going to come up from bluff to keep me company, she was meant to arrive 3:00pm but the plane was cancelled due to the quake

I was on the computer to a friend from America and also txting a friend from Auckland, It was funny to me now because I was txting my friend about the quake we had this morning and saying when a next one comes I would treat it as a ride and say “Weeee” lol, well I spoke too soon

I saw the room shake and instantly thinking it was just a normal shake but then I heard the loud rumble and hearing the noise surrounding the house and just shook as hard as it could, I saw things falling, I was holding the computer table looking into the living room seeing everything shaking, I was in fear to move but slowly as it began to slow down, I ran for the door, I also had my dog with me and she followed me out but as soon as I opened the door she ran, normally she wouldn’t but I was in shock that I didn’t think, I ran after her almost getting run over by a car, a guy close by looked calm and realize what I was doing and helped me get her back, I held her in my arms and got a first real look at the devastation, cars rushing everywhere, kids screaming from the school next to us

I regret to this day but my first thought was my friend around the corner and not my aunty who’s 10minutes away. I feared to go back inside the house but I new I had to, to grab my dogs lead. I was panicking when I got in, afraid for another shake but I knew I had to. I saw that my hands were shaking trying to put the lead on her and finally did and quickly got out side again

I saw the cracks in the road as I was walked to my friends house and also saw a bit in the road with a lump and water started to pour out of it, not knowing what it was, I just walked on. I wasn’t wearing any shoes but didn’t care what I stood on.

I saw my friend in a wreak and in a panic but I was thankful that she was alright, all she wanted to do was move away from here, I was thinking the same thing, every shake she would jump in fear, I was the one to calm her down.

That night in the dark was the most scary thing in my life
I will remember that day for the rest of my life
It still effects me everyday, every little noise gives me a fright
I have now moved away to Waimate, a quite peaceful town
But I still miss Christchurch and the people in it
I miss you

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