– Oxford Street, Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand

This is a transcript of an interview with Marcia Mackrell conducted shortly after the 4 September 2010 earthquake .

My daughter was staying with and I woke up of course when it happened and I thought “Oh, she’ll be terrified, I’ll better go and find her” . She woke up when it happened and thought “Poor Mum, she’ll be terrified, I’ll better go and find her” and we met in the hall, both of us stark naked and we climbed back in my bed and spend the rest of the night there.

The next morning we looked around our house and nothing had happened, we were so lucky. But yesterday I had to have the chimney taken down and because it was not in the first week when the fire brigade did it for free I have to pay, so I wasn’t very pleased about that.

I lived through the war in England so really an earthquake is not that big a deal. I don’t get upset or worried about it, you can’t do anything about it, so what’s the point. It’s just become an irritation.

I am wishing that I had insurance because I always just have had fire and earthquake insurance and then when I went on the pension and I couldn’t afford the insurance any more I had the house rewired in case of fire, so that cancelled that out. When you live on a pension, you can’t afford everything, so something’s got to go.

And Christchurch doesn’t have earthquakes so I didn’t worry about the earthquake part, so that’s why I had no insurance. So I was kicking myself about that.

But lightening never strikes twice in the same place, so I won’t bother getting insurance now.

This transcript is from one of a series of interviews carried out by Bettina Evans of Project Lyttelton . We are very grateful to Bettina and the interviewees for allowing their interview transcripts to be posted on QuakeStories.

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