– Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

Sept 4 2010… I am woken by someone running across our roof – WTF??! ‘EARTHQUAKE’ screams my husband as he dashes from the bedroom. I register vaguely and my heart skips a beat. I touch the touchlamp. For a split second there is light, then the power goes. Dash down the hallway, and I hear glasses and plates smashing in the kitchen. ‘Shit, this is a big one!’ i say. “I’ve got L (daughter)” says the hubby- hell, my son N – I am barely awake but my heart is pounding….dunno how I get my 11mth out of the cot but I do and am back in the doorway of his nursery. He is limp and nonresponsive..is he alive – what was above him? Oh shit, bigger shaking. This time I have to brace myself with my backbone against the jamb and my toes on the other – as I have both hands holding my son. [I got nerve damage to my big toe from this- 6 mths of numbness]. My husband has the cellphone on radio via speaker. We keep saying to each other ‘Poor buggers in Wellington – this is the BIG ONE!’...then we find out it is 40km west – WHERE?? No fault there. The shaking finally stops. My son now waks up and screams for milk. There is no way to heat the stuff in the fridge, and no water for a warmer formula….screaming child, crying child, we fall into our big bed. Listening to the radio and people out Kaiapoi and Brighton way say we have sunk 1/2 a metre- seawater everywhere… [actually liquifaction, but who knew?]...I doze in and out of aftershocks, not really sleeping. Around 5.30 there is a helipcopter overhead, then the neighbours arrive. Power back on around 10am, water about 3pm…

Dec 26 2010 – another big shake, and now the chimney has a large crack. Bit worried bout that…

Jan 21 2011- EQC call for the Assessment. Happy to see them, but I know we aren’t the worst hit – what’s going on? They tell us the chimney looks OK, just a crack. They go into the atticspace and shake it – “Don’t worry, it’s safe as, that is solid, won’t be moving in a hurry”

Feb 22 2011 – We are all out of the house – thank god as the Chimney DID fall, and into the kids bedroom. So did all the bookcases, spilling contents across doors and over beds! [They are now firmly secured as is all other dressers and such…]

I am at work, enjoying the end of the lunch break. A colleague remarked about 12.30pm “we haven’t had many shakes for a while, eh – must be settling down” – she is NEVER allowed to say such things again!

12.51 – it starts like a normal shock, but then after about 2sec it is clear this is NOT an aftershock – the power goes out and serious shake sounds. I dive under the table. There are about 10 of us sitting round a board table at the University of Canterbury. Only three of us get under it (all female); the males all run to the walls, benches, doors and window latches to hold on -WTF!?? Except our HR manager – straight out the door. He’s a flighter… I am full of adrenaline and giggly – I can conquer the world, but can’t think clearly. Outside we have bets on what it was – I think 5.8-5.9; other’s think 8.0…we are laughing and joking to dispel nerves and adrenaline. Security tell us to leave. I drive home – which takes about 21/2 hrs, usually 15mins… Naively I think the traffic is just cos of the Uni closure. I txt my husband to pick up the kids, as, working in Cashel st, he won’t be so badly impacted….

I don’t get a response. I flick on the radio to hear 2 buildings collapsed and the spire of the cathedral has fallen – sad. {I still have no clue how bad this is….}. On Wights Road I hit liquefaction bubbling out of the road – shit, that is weird. As I cross over Lincoln road into Lyttleton st, a caller states “Don’t go down Lyttleton st – it is a mess” – Great….I hit severe liquifaction on Barrington st, on Whychbury Barrington cnr there is a house with liquifaction POURING out from under the garage door! More on Coronation, hell…
I get home to see my husband and kids in the driveway- along with the Chimney and roofing bits. THANK GOD!!

“There’s liquifaction all down barrington adn Coronation, and Selwyn shops are all come down”

“Honey – that is NOTHING compared to the city”.... I never want to hear that tone of voice again. A shocking tale of walking out of the city – but that is his one to tell.

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