– Lyttelton Main School, Oxford Street, Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand

A child’s story from Lyttelton.

Before the earthquake I was running around with Jade, Lily and Alisha. The imaginary man was chasing us so we ran into the classroom. We kept running around the room but then I thought what a big noise we were making. Then I thought it was getting weirdly shaky. Then I saw dust. DUST!

I didn’t even think about it. I just instinctively went down on the floor. I could see only the slightest glimpse of Lily in front of me in the dust. The big brick building in front of the classroom, where the baby we often saw lived, was showering bricks and dust from its windows.

I ran outside to find the others doing turtles on the ground. When I was about to comfort sobbing Alisha, Mrs Rossie said “Turtles” again.

Soon we walked in buddies, to the Recreation Centre. There and then we were given fruit and biscuits to eat, and milk to drink. There were also Mums going round with Earthquake Remedy for us kids, and some adults too. Suddenly there ready and waiting was my Mum. She said she had to walk from Linwood, over the Bridle path, then to school, just to find we were here.

When we got home I cried all over again. There were cracks everywhere , and the fence was ripped apart. When I looked through my back door I saw my lounge, it was covered in bricks. After a while Dad came home.

That night we got a load of stuff and went to my Grandma’s house to stay for the time being.

Now I am back at school and everything seems normal again.

We have a new rental house right across the road from our old house!! We are moving in on Friday.

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