– Columbo Street, Christchurch

well on sept 2010 at 4:35am i was layin in bed and heard rumbling and i thought f*ck that sonds like a truck iz about to crash thru our house..then clicked sh*t it has ta be an earthquake, so i yelled out out f***in get up it earthquake, i got told ta shut up, and wham the thing came crashing thru i got outside y outside i actually dont know, but yeah, on feb 22nd i was on columbo street when it hit, i watched a friend die in front of me, im not mentioning names, to dificult, but i helpe pull a few bodies out, it was horible, i hinestly never want to do that ever again..wat u see wen u ge a dead body is so heartbreaking u think about them poor families…who lost loved ones, but it does ur head in u think how and y did i survive something as horrible as that sh*t, i watched bulding all around me crumble and fall, u grow up thinkin about how wonderful life is and we all take it for granted..then a tragedy like that hits and we all, realise omg we wasted our lives screwing our planet up..man its all messed up, but u thankful u alive..but u know ur hear aches for everyone who died in feb.. i lost a lot of friends/people i knew..i had an appointment at the clinic wich was situated at the ctv building for 12:45pm i decided not to go, i had a bad gut feeling from that small tremor we had at 8:am that morning..its really messed up i left chur-chur afterwards and i rgret it, but i feel sorry for everyone up there, yes i have been back i may end up with job in red zone..that im idiffrerent about as i was there when it hit, and saw the chaos, the tragic events, the death, the confusion, ther are so many things that no one understands or understood, its so hard to move on from a tragic event like that, i still love christchurch its my home, for 25 years of my life, i left before i turned 26 and i still will alays love christchurch, one love for chch, one love to all familys that lost loved ones, every day i think about them.—mada

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