– Manchester St to Parklands, Christchurch

On Feb 22nd I boarded a bus which travelled along Colombo and turned right into Hereford came to Manchester corner a VERY loud violent shaking of the bus began. We didnt know what had happened as there was no warning. Then an aftershock came very violently and our bus driver helped everyone get off the bus. I wandered along Manchester St to witness buildings crashing with dust almost impossible to breathe. I decided to make for Latimer Square, people screaming, running, crying, total chaos to say the least. In Latimer Square by this time was filling with people shocked and dazed and bewildered. Stayed for a while phones were down, traffic gridlocked so decided to walk home to Parklands.

Hundreds of people were walking very caring of those around. I was getting very tired but knew there was no other way to go home. About 1 km from home I was picked up by someone I knew and dropped near my house. I felt Id been on a movie set it certainly didnt feel like reality. I arrived home hours later to find smashed cabinets, broken crystal and china, a real mess.

Some 7 aftershocks that day and night, all very frightening. Two cars ended up buried in liquifaction in my street and had no power, sewer, water for many days. It all seems so unreal all this time later. When hearing the full extend of the news and devastation which followed I am very grateful to still be alive. I havent or dont intend to move away out of Christchurch at this stage.

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