– Horseshoe Lake area, Burwood, Christchurch

Mother Nature Came To Call…...
Mother Nature came to call in September Twenty Ten
She came to call not just this once but time and time again
She shook us round, both up and down, from side to side we went
And when she’d stopped and we had calmed we saw our houses bent

The sand and water spewed on up, it covered land as far as we could see
The paths and roads had split apart, oh how could this all be….
The crooked house, the broken home, the chaos all around
It is so hard to comprehend what happened to our ground

That Mother Nature, she left her mark, in devastating ways
The sounds we heard and things we saw those quakey shakey days
Will stay with us for evermore, always in our mind
We won’t forget the way we felt when Ma Nature was unkind

I’ve always felt her dramatic times a wonder to be awed
But never did I think that by her hand, one day that I’d be floored
It was always something that I saw and heard about from far away
Little did I know my turn was due, that fateful scary day

The house I’ve called my home for 18 years has held up through it all
It’s twisted, cracked and slumped a bit but still it did not fall
Sadly though our neighbourhood has shonky wonky ground
And experts have declared for housing it’s really not that sound

So all our lovely homes must go, they’ll knock them all apart
And all the people here must leave and make a brand new start
For myself I’m just not sure of where all this will take me
But one thing that I am sure of, is that it’s meant to be

I may not know the reason why, it’s hard to fathom out
Just why we had to suffer this but I know without a doubt
That make us stronger, it surely will and lessons we’ll have learned
Like, appreciate just what we have and not all things we yearned

So now it’s time to sum it up, just what this all has done
It’s shown us how to mange well and how we cannot run
From what Ma Nature throws at us, we now know to turn around
And take it on the chin with strength and feet both on the ground

The sun will shine regardless of the way we deal with this
We might as well enjoy the warmth and ensure we do not miss
The joy of life with all it’s bumps and bangs along the way
And really when you think of it what else is there to say…....

Kia Kaha!
Linda Grainger August 2011 Horseshoe Lake Resident

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